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Case - Disegno

A teamwork assignment where we had to work together with students from Rotterdam for Opera Ballet Vlaanderen as client

Made with:

  • Arduino
  • JS
  • PHP
Header image of the Disegno case


The main target of this assignment was learning to work together in a cross talented team. We had to find each other strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities in the 6 weeks we got. Opera Ballet Vlaanderen, the client, wanted to open their doors to a more diverse, varified audience and their stories and impressions via a digital way.

Example of the design of the Disegno case

Full design of the campaign site

Example of the design of the Disegno case

A profile page with dedicated colors and events


The assignment started off with a lot of research on Opera, Ballet and music. We tried to figure out the current but also the missing target audience of our client. Following up, we did some quality research in the form of interviews and a survey. Our final target audience became women and men in Belgium off the genration Y and Z.

Full view example of the design of the Disegno case

The other profile pages on desktop


We came up with an interactive installation that could be placed anywhere in a Belgian city. The main idea was to show passers-by that ballet and opera music affects everybody. While seeing short clips their reaction was measured via Galvanic Skin Response. Afterward, every participant gets a unique Opera profile assigned on a card with a link to an explanation site. Watch our aftermovie here

We consciously chose to work with strong vibrant colors in combination with clear, readable fonts. Our main color was pink and each profile had its unique color combination with this main color.

The roles were quite evenly divided: we made joint decisions concerning the design and flow. I translated those decisions and feedback in concrete designs. I also developed the campaign and profile websites.

Visit the campaign site or a profile page.

Walk through of a profile page on desktop

Example of the design of the Disegno case

Final design of the mobile campaign site

Example of the design of the Disegno case

Color combination try-outs for this project