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Case - AR.U.NEXT

Graduation project where we had to find an answer to the question "how can Next Festival connect people throughout the Eurometropolis and engage them to visit the festival on other language borders via a digital way"

Made with:

  • Figma
  • JS
  • PHP
Header image of the AR.U.NEXT case


Next Festival is a cross-country and -language festival that takes place yearly around November. The main objective of our project was to pitch and invent a new digital way to overcome their problems. Some of these problems were the language barrier, the distance, the unknown cultural and historical background, etc. We decided to firstly fully research Next's current target audience and send out an online survey. With the 200 answers found out a big missing target audience and decided to put a light on them.

Example of the design of the AR.U.NEXT case

Carousel slider of the routes

Example of the design of the AR.U.NEXT case

Start screen of the A.R walking app


We completed all the usual steps of brainstorming, researching, experimenting, user stories and testing. With these results we came with the following idea: an interactive route app that guides you through one of the 3 cities of the Eurometropool. Through this guided walk, there are several augmented reality experiences placed all around the city. Those experiences will tell you more about the history, culture, and/or important persons or events that happened at that place.

Full view example of the design of the AR.U.NEXT case

All three of the A.R. routes with their dedicated colors and images


We decided to work with one primary color in combination with a lot of black and white. We wanted to create a nice, breathable flow throughout the app. Each route got its own color to make it more consistent. The design was a combination of neumorphism and 3D modeling. 3D modeling was used to make the augmented reality experiences come to life.

My focus was mainly on the concept determination, style definition, visual design and development styling of the application and campaign website.

An example of the A.R. experience

An example of the A.R. experience

Example of the design of the AR.U.NEXT case

All possible color combinations with at the bottom the final combinations